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I like those salad dressings with fruit in them, such as raspberry
vinaigrette. In this dressing I use a small portion of the 
strawberries I would eat as my fruit that day.

Crush/mince approx. 1 ounce of strawberries.
Add vinegar, salt, pepper, some stevia (or splenda if you use that)
to 'cut' the acidity of the vinegar
Add cayenne 
Onion Powder
Fresh Garlic chopped finely
Mustard powder
Anything else you like in dressing 

Let it set for a few minutes. 
It's like fancy restaurant salad dressing. 
The only thing missing is that fabulous walnut oil
reduction. But we'll get to that soon enough!
Take some ACV (apple cider vinegar) and add some Mrs. Dash
Grilling Blends - Original Chicken Blend. 
I use approx. 2-3 tablespoons of ACV and about 1/4 tsp. of Mrs. Dash. 
Let it sit for several minutes, as this "plumps up" the dehydrated garlic 
and onion and gives the dressing some texture. 

(note: Mrs. Dash has no sodium, no MSG, and the label states "0" calories 
per 1/4 tsp.) 

If you want to play with the ingredients, you can add some extra fresh ground
pepper, or a single drop of tabasco. I LOVE spicy food, but somehow the
vinegar seems to make the tabasco even hotter, so experiment to your

This blend is also a great dipping sauce for cold shrimp, and
is great with a cold chicken breast salad. 

Also, Mrs. Dash makes many, many different blends so I'm sure there are 
several different flavor combinations to discover. I think the key is to 
let the mixture "rest" for as long as possible to allow the flavors to meld, 
and the dehydrated ingredients to plump up, which thickens the dressing. 
Using other flavored vinegars would also be a good experiment, 
especially when using it as a dipping sauce. I would also imagine that, if you increased the quantity of ingredients, this would make an excellent marinade for beef or chicken,
or a good baking sauce for fish
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